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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Aspiring Baby Boomer Entrepreneur- Are You Frozen In Time?

Aspiring Baby Boomer Entrepreneur- Are You Frozen In Time?

Aspiring baby boomer entrepreneur, from where you stand it may seem that you are frozen in time, unable to see a bright future. But that is merely an illusion. You can build a future by having a business as the foundation for your encore career. The key is in developing your entrepreneurial mindset.

Your entrepreneurial mindset lets you see the world with a different set of eyes.

  • It lets you spot needs in a special way.
  • It lets you see opportunities in solving those needs.
  • It lets you plan solutions to realize those opportunities.
  • It helps you to execute your plan.
In this video, magician David Blane freezes himself in time, within a block of ice. He exposes himself to great risk and manages to survive. He saw a need for people to be entertained. He saw an opportunity to create a special way to address that need for entertainment. He developed a genius plan to deliver upon that need. He executed his plan. Not only did he survive, he added to his fame and fortune.

What will your entrepreneurial mindset do for you? Can it keep you from being frozen in time? 

What you should do next.

Please play the video and see how the magician got unfrozen. Then work on your own entrepreneurial mindset to create your own magic.

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