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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Baby Boomer Entrepreneur - Try These 3 Brand Personas To Benefit Your Customer

Baby Boomer Entrepreneur - Try These 3 Brand Personas To Benefit Your Customer

Your entrepreneurial mindset inspires you to make something better for your customer

Much of what we read in the new world of social media is about how to relate to our customers. We are encouraged to find the persona that represents our customer to be able to better communicate with them. However, there is an equally interesting issue that I have just discovered.

You visualize the persona of your customer so that you can address them as a person. But when a customer is listening, they are usually looking back at the person who is speaking to them. So what persona do they see in looking back at you? 

Your goal as an entrepreneur is to make something better for your customer. One way to address how you will do that is to consider the social media persona from which you want to address your customer. If you can have consistency in the way that you project to your customer, your customer may better understand you.

I discovered this principle in a post by Mark Cooper of Offerpop. He provides insights that may help you clarify the brand persona that allows you to do the best job of supporting your customer.

1) The Helper

The helper helps the customer solve problems and inspires positive change. Here at Smarter Small Business Blog, it is primarily our purpose to be your helper by making your life easier through being a baby boomer entrepreneur as the solution to the challenges of traditional retirement. As the encore entrepreneur, it is similarly your task, from a helping perspective, to make the life of your customer easier.

2) The Insider

The insider is more about inspiring the customer. As an entrepreneur, you might want to be inspired by the lifestyle of encore entrepreneurs that have tamed the fears of retirement. Similarly, you want to help your customer be inspired by seeing the lives of  people who have become successful by accepting your solution to the problem.

3) The Confidante

The confidante is the best friend of your customer. You put your customer at the center of all that is going on. You might be posting about your customer in public. Or perhaps, you might be at the opposite end of the spectrum. You might be the quiet place that your customer comes to share their most intimate thoughts and concerns. You might be their mentor or coach.

So, what's next?

Mark Cooper asks "Which persona suits your brand?" See his post for more details and more examples of each persona.

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