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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Baby Boomer Entrepreneurial Mindset - The Six Rules of Personal Success

"Getting Your Priorities Right" may well be the master rule for the entrepreneurial mindset.

Of all human abilities, one stands out, the ability to see the Big Picture, the things that are important in life, and not to be distracted by small, trivial, and irrelevant things; the intelligence to separate the message from the background noise.
‘The Big Picture’ is about the grand goals; the big dreams and aspirations people treasure in every stage and aspect of life. But how can you grasp and hold on to the Big Picture? What does it take?

Making Intelligent Choices - The Details of the Other Five Rules

Probably more than any other phrase, "making intelligent choices" echoes directly or indirectly in nearly every paragraph of Panos Mourdoukoutas' article in Forbes where he discusses his new Kindle book, The Six Rules of Success.
As aspiring Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs we make choices about how to live our lives. I think this is where the details of the other five rules come into play:
  • Use Resources Wisely
  • Stay Focused
  • Develop Right Relations
  • Don't Be Greedy
  • Don't Be Complacent

What Is Unique Here for the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs?

Dr. Mourdoukoutas has a distinguished background as Chair of the Department of Economics at Long Island University. He is also a contributor to Forbes on such topics as Global markets, business, investment strategy, personal success. The message here is that these six steps apply to anyone who wants to be successful, not just entrepreneurs. But entrepreneurs are about implementations...taking action. They seem to be especially adept at taking action on these six steps in massive ways. They see the big picture in ways that inspire them to take action rather than waiting for instruction...The Entrepreneurial Mindset. Are you ready to take action?

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