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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aspiring Entrepreneur, Can Living A Good Life CAUSE YOU To Be a Better Business Owner (The Placebo Effect)?

Almost everyone believes that being a successful business owner will cause you to live a good life. In reality, that is a myth. Financial success, often the selected measure for business success, does not guarantee living a good life.

Not so many people believe that living a good life may CAUSE you to be a better business owner. Yet, there is increasing evidence to suggest this is the a good life frequently leads to business success.

You do want to live a good life AND be a successful business owner, don't you?

Your Primary Aim - Defining What Living A Good Life Means To You:

Almost every great business coach will start by asking you why you want to be in business. Michael E. Gerber, author of The E-Myth Revisited, is famous for asking you to begin planning your business by discovering your Primary Aim in life. Though each coach has their own way of asking you what you value, it basically comes down to three questions.

1. Why are you here in life and why do you think owning a business will help?
2. What is important to you, your values, strengths, skills, experiences, and interests that define what living a good life means to you?
3. What must this business do for you so that it will support what you have defined as a good life for yourself?

Understanding The Placebo Effect -In Life and Business:

In the featured video, Jonathan Fields, of the Good Life Project, interviews a doctor who first felt that she had let her career ruin her life. Then, when she found her "good life", she discovered how to experience a more rewarding career.

Along the way, Dr. Lissa Rankin made some amazing discoveries that she shares in her book, Mind Over Medicine. One of the central discoveries was a new understanding of the Placebo Effect...when stress is removed from the body, the mind may be just as effective as medication in making things better.

Her story supports the theory of the great business coaches...remove the stress. Let your business be dedicated to supporting your life by working for you. Do not give up your life to work for the business. The secret is once again, work smarter - not harder.

Enjoy the video where Dr. Rankin shares what she learned.

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