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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs, What "Blank" Are You Trying to Sell?

Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs, what "BLANK" are you trying to sell? Will your customers be able to find you because your BLANK is clearly available through all the important channels?

Will all the right sources tell your potential customers that your BLANK is the best BLANK available? Will people see you as the guru of BLANK? Are you the world wide leader of the BLANK Tribe?

If you struggle with getting the word out about your BLANK, you might want to know about MY FREE BLANK, Join The Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs.

Thanks to Ben McConnell at the Society for Word Of Mouth for the video:

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1 comment:

Don Osborne : Profit Puzzle said...

Made me laugh - time to fill in my "blanks"