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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs - Use Twitter Secret Recipe to Develop Leads and Cashflow for Your Business

What skills do you need to develop if you plan on going into semi-retirement as a baby boomer entrepreneur? New business owners tend to suffer from lacking three skills:
  • Lack of knowledge about business development
  • Lack of knowledge about marketing
  • Lack of knowledge about building positive cash flow
Interestingly, if you are planning on becoming a baby boomer entrepreneur, there are some shortcuts to help you with building those skills. One way is to use the highly popular social networking platform, Twitter, as a learning exercise. As you develop a marketing project on Twitter, you develop all the skills you need to design and market a larger business. It doesn't matter if that business will be on the Internet or the more traditional bricks and mortar.

If you are not familiar with Twitter, you can get a good overview at the free directory I have prepared for you Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs You Need To Know Twitter.
You will find videos and a directions that will help you understand it quickly.

Like most things that are really effective, Twitter is pretty simple. The challenge is not in how to use Twitter, but in knowing how to craft a strategy to use Twitter to develop your business skills.

Some months ago, I shared with you what internet marketing guru Ed Dale calls the Symphony In Four Parts. If you missed it, just click on the link. It points out the four parts of the symphony:

1. Market Research
2. Traffic Generation (Lead Generation)
3. Conversion (Sales)
4. Product Development and Delivery

A conservative estimate is that 95% of mistakes are made in the MARKET RESEARCH stage. This is because most people don't do the MARKET RESEARCH.

Following this universal pattern can't guarantee a success every time. The beauty is that it will help eliminate the stuff that will not work.

Whether you are doing a traditional business or an Internet business, the MARKET RESEARCH capability of the Internet opens new roads to success in starting a new business or growing an established business.

A low budget business that lets you develop the required skills is an excellent strategy as you transition from employment to business ownership. In addition to building the skills, it can help you fund the business development effort by generating cash flow.

A friend recently introduced me to a fully developed system for using Twitter, a Twitter Secret Recipe, for for building any kind of business. It pulls all the pieces together and gives you the exact recipe to follow. As you use this system to promote your followers on Twitter, you will understand how to do market research, how to develop leads, how to convert lead to build customer lists, how to use the customer list to make sales, and how to deliver your product.

By following this recipe, you will have rapid growth in your skills, an increase in your entrepreneurial mindset, and a great boost in your confidence that you can build a successful business. Please go watch the free Twitter Secret Recipe video.

Shallie Bey


Benros Emata said...

I've asked a CEO of a software company who's involved with social media to gain traffic and asked how he felt it benefited the company. His response was geared more on controlling the traffic and online conversation regarding his software. It didn't seem apparent that it translated into actual dollars sales. How has Bill Crosby's method worked for you?

Shallie Bey said...

Benros Emata,

Thanks for a great question. I think the answer is in the same way that you advise martial arts instructors about how to use your web site. You say:

How can a mixed martial arts gym/instructor benefit from this site?

* Apply the translation I provide of technology to engage your students in the culture of your product (gym, seminar, etc.)
* Use these technologies to find more efficient alternatives instead of using archaic methods like e-mail to reach out to new recruits
* See my own examples of using technology to provide great content for your fighters/students
* Follow industry news regarding the expansion of MMA worlwide
* This is the only site providing custom aggregation of news relevant to a specific mixed martial arts audience

Bill Crosby's method has helped me target the growth in my twitter list to targeted twitter users. Using his techniques, I focus upon business owners, find topics of discussion on baby boomer entrepreneurship, and identify who is interested in my topics of interest. It has helped me much like how you help entrepreneurs who are martial arts instructors who can benefit by studying the business of marketing using technology.

Bill Crosby's method can be used to target your primary market as well.

Because of the method, I am finding far more people who are relevant to my interest of promoting entrepreneurs. Us having this conversation now is a perfect example of the truth of that. I am finding relevant people more than five times as fast than before using the method.

Hope this answers your question. Ask me more if I didn't cover your question.

Again, thanks for taking time to comment. As a blogger yourself, you know how much we appreciate that.


Sacramento Weddings said...

I guess I'm fortunate because my site is already on top of SERP for my niche (weddings in Sacramento)....using Twitter would be like "icing on the cake" but since I've already got a well-frosted cake--- its not part of my marketing plans. In our neck of the woods, "" is becoming the "new Facebook" for local businesses & their customers.

Rocky said...

I chanced upon to view your blog and found it very interesting. Great ... Keep it up!

Shallie Bey said...

Sacramento Weddings,

Thanks for sharing your comments. It is great to use the most effective social media platform that meets your market needs. What you are doing is absolutely right. We can't use them all.

I visited you site at Sounds like you have a great business.


Shallie Bey said...


Thanks for your kind words of encouragement! Best of luck to you.