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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Entrepreneurship At Any Age - So What?

Does age matter if you are an entrepreneur? The answer is "no" according to 18 year old Houston based entrepreneur, Keith J Davis. He makes his debut as a book author with "Young? So What!" (K. Jerrold Publishing, U.S. $15.00).

He lists 10 steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He shares that the common question is "What can an 18 year old tell me about achieving success?" ReShonda Tate Billingsley, a national best selling author answers. "I recommend 'Young? So What!' to anyone looking for greater clarity on how to achieve success as an entrepreneur or in life period."

Davis' top ten list begins with having the right mindset. He credits his parents for leading him in the direction that helped him develop his mindset. "They instilled in me that there are no excuses for not attaining your life goals and no certain age for when a person should begin to leave a mark in the world."

Though Davis has targeted sharing his message with other kids his own age, he has a message for us baby boomer entrepreneurs as well. "Over 50" So What?"

You can find more about Keith Davis at

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