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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Limits and Opportunities - The Problem With Problems

Seth's Blog: The problem with problems:

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As I sit here on the morning of Thanksgiving Day in the United States, 2014, I think about those things for which I am thankful. And much to my amazement, I realize that I am thankful for my problems.

Almost daily, I read the blog of one of my favorite writers and business experts, Seth Godin. Today's post from him is called "The Problem With Problems". In short, he points out that we have problems and opportunities. The problem with problems is that they keep us from focusing on our opportunities. Within my problems may even be the path to my opportunities.

I am inspired on this Thanksgiving Day to be thankful for my problems and my opportunities, they are the two sides of the proverbial coin.

Today you have the opportunity to look at both sides of your coin as well. Happy Thanksgiving!